Finance Class

If you are looking for a finance class you have many available options. The path you choose will depend on your goals: whether you’re looking just to expand you knowledge about general finance matters or looking to move into a career in finance.


You are looking to become better educated on the finer points of finance. Perhaps you’re looking to trade stocks online and you want to increase your knowledge of stocks, bonds, and other areas of finance.

With the growth of the Internet there has been explosive growth in the amount of information offered online in regard to finance. Sites like Yahoo! Finance offer complete comprehensive data about publicly traded companies. All online, all for free. You can review stock prices, past historical data, annual reports, and company financials (balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows). However, balance sheets and income statements are very confusing to new investors.

If you’re just looking to learn finance basics, Investopedia University offers free online finance classes from Forbes. They offer detailed lessons that will teach you the basics of investing, trading, and retirement planning.


You are looking to transition into a career in finance. You’re looking to become a certified financial planner, stockbroker, or investment banker.

People who work in the field of finance are often confused with accountants or bankers. These fields are vastly different from the field of finance. To work in finance you will need, at the minimum, a BS in Finance from an accredited university. The school you attend will also have an impact on the starting salary you are offered. Students who graduate from universities with highly nationally ranked business colleges are consistently offered higher starting salaries by investment firms. Attend the best business school you’re able to afford.

After you’ve been in working in the field of finance for about 5 years you’ll want to continue your education and get your MBA. With an MBA and 5 years of experience you can expect to make a strong six figure income, depending on the firm you work for.

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